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Al Kamil
19 December 2023

The University President launches a package of projects and initiatives at the university branch in Al Kamel Governorate

During his visit to the Jeddah University branch in the governorate
Al-Humaidan launches a package of projects and initiatives at the university branch that promotes sustainable development in Al-Kamil Governorate

His Excellency Dr. Adnan bin Salem Al-Humaidan, President of the University of Jeddah, inaugurated a variety of academic and research projects and development initiatives, and signed a number of cooperation agreements and partnerships with several government agencies. His Excellency also laid the foundation stone marking the start of work on the project to develop the electrical network and infrastructure at the university’s branch. Jeddah, Al Kamil Governorate, during his visit to the branch this morning, Tuesday, December 19, 2023. His Excellency was accompanied on his visit to the university branch in Al Kamil Governorate by His Excellency Dr. Obaid bin Ali Al Mudhaf, Vice Dean of the University of Jeddah, and a generous group of leaders and advisors at the university.

A branch of the Applied College in Al-Kamil Governorate
Within the framework of the University of Jeddah’s comprehensive plan to develop academic specializations in the university’s branches, link its programs to the labor market, enhance professional skills, and include them within the academic curricula, His Excellency the President of the University inaugurated a branch of the Applied College in Al-Kamel Governorate, in support of the sustainable competitive advantage in the university’s branches by adopting an academic and training policy based on program harmony and integration. Scientific courses to graduate multi-skilled generations qualified to deal with everything new in the labor market. His Excellency Dr. Majdi bin Dhaif Allah Al-Sulami, Executive Director of the Applied College Branch in Al Kamil Governorate, indicated that the University of Jeddah seeks, through the Applied College Branch in the Governorate, to provide a diverse and integrated package of professional and applied programs that develop students’ skills and enrich their abilities, wealth of knowledge, and academic and professional experiences to graduate national energies. Distinguished and capable of leading the development process witnessed by all business sectors in the Kingdom.

An academic unit for research and innovation
During his visit to the Al Kamil Governorate branch, His Excellency also inaugurated the branch’s “Research and Innovation Unit,” which seeks to establish a distinguished system for scientific research and innovation capable of producing knowledge and employing it to serve current and future local, developmental, and national needs and to enhance sustainable development opportunities, in accordance with the university’s scientific research priorities and to achieve the Kingdom’s vision. 2030. The Research and Innovation Unit at the University of Jeddah branch in Al Kamil Governorate includes three basic tracks: the environmental sustainability track, the food sciences and food security track, and the development studies track.

Jeddah University Chair for the Development of Al-Kamil Governorate
Believing in the University of Jeddah’s belief in the importance of the role of scientific chairs in achieving the goals of sustainable development and the knowledge industry and its economics, Dr. Al-Humaidan inaugurated the “Jeddah University Chair for the Development of Al-Kamil Governorate,” which aims to provide an innovative research environment that generates and produces knowledge by adopting a scientific methodology rooted in support of development and sustainability in the Governorate. Completely in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the directions of the University of Jeddah in serving society and achieving research leadership locally and internationally.

Three cooperation agreements to enhance joint work in the governorate
In a precedent that is the first of its kind, and in continuation of the series of achievements that were crowned on that day, His Excellency the President of the University of Jeddah signed, during his visit to the Al Kamil Governorate branch, three cooperation agreements with several government agencies, including the office of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture in Al Kamil Governorate, the General Education Office in the governorate, and Al Kamel Hospital. General. These agreements aim to strengthen the foundations of joint cooperation between the university and community service institutions in the governorate and to harness the university’s capabilities and academic expertise in developing the governorate within the framework of a fruitful and constructive strategic partnership.

“Cadastral” and “Tadweer” initiatives
In order to activate the existing partnership between the university’s Jeddah branch and the municipality of Al Kamil Governorate, His Excellency, during his visit to the branch, launched the “Hadariyoun” and “Tadweer” initiatives, as sustainable strategic volunteer initiatives through which the branch seeks to improve the cultural and visual scene in the governorate on the one hand, and to achieve environmental sustainability, preserve natural resources, and reduce Pollution of all kinds on the other hand. Dr. Arwa Al-Harithi, Vice Dean for Female Student Affairs and Community Service at Al-Kamel Branch Colleges, explained that “the basis of volunteer initiatives is the sustainability and continuity of the benefit, and this is what the philosophy of the Volunteering and Community Service Unit has adopted in its initiatives at different levels. It has employed the knowledge and knowledge of its employees in providing distinguished and different work with Various dimensions, such as the Hadariyoun and Tadweer initiatives, which fill an environmental gap support not only the cultural landscape but also support the environmental field in a manner consistent with the needs of the local community of the governorate.”